The focus at the clinic for sports medicine will be personal training, nutritional advice and sports medicine. Personal training involves increasing muscular strength and endurance through weight training, calisthenics, aerobics and isometrics. Flexibility through static, dynamic and PNF stretches. Cardiovascular endurance and balance through aerobic exercise, plyometrics, neuromuscular training. Diet and meal planning can only be legally administered through a dietician, however, working with clients on healthy eating and educating them on nutritional information is legal and part of the services offered. Sports medicine is more of a specialized field, focusing on rehabilitation of injuries from sports, work and accidents. From sprained ankles to impingement syndrome, rehabilitation is an integral aspect to returning to a healthy life and ADLs (Activities of Daily Living).



 60-90 minutes (depending on individual needs)

In this appointment, Keith will go over your Health/Medical information and discuss the objectives that you have for your future. He will design a program catered to fit your needs:

Sports Medicine: A great program for anyone needing advice to strengthen or re-gain physical function, following an accident / injury or for the young with motor difficulties (balance/proprioception) or the aged that need advice due to loss of bone density or other debility. If injury requires, a patient will be referred to a Doctor for medical treatment.

Personal Stature Training: A program for anyone looking to improve their physical fitness. This will cover strength training, cardiovascular health training, muscular endurance, more specific athletic training, and training designed to keep a person active and healthy through life.

Nutritional Advice: Time to go over specific diet advice to cover your Life needs. Whether it be weight loss or gain after an illness. Or the Athlete looking to have proper balance for optimum performance. This is a program that has helped many people be the best that they can be.

Assessment Appointment:  $95 per hour

60 minutes – This is time is to learn new exercises, diet choices, and discuss your on-going progress

30 minutes – This is a fair amount of time to go over your progress allowing to make changes in your routine or style.

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